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dieser erste Schritt ist wichtig. Renamed lazy_property to cached_property. Recognize SeaMonkey browser name and version correctly Recognize Baiduspider, and bingbot user agents If LocalProxys wrapped object is a function, refer werkzeug deals to it with _wrapped_ attribute. Empty now works correctly with subclasses of Rule (pull request #645). Head is now implicitly added as method in the routing system if GET is present. Fixed a bug with Href query parameter handling. Testtools URL routing now can be passed the URL arguments to keep them for redirects. Added simple user agent parser werkzeugs routing raises MethodNotAllowed now if it matches a rule but for a different method. ( #1205 ) Shared data middleware accepts a list instead of a dict of static locations to preserve lookup order. Fix self-XSS in debugger console, see #1031. This has to be specified explicitly now. Hier findest du alle Infos zu unserem Lieferservice. Added support for explicitly closing request objects to close associated resources. Its save to modify the return value of tlist and methods that return lists in the MultiDict now. URL fixing now no longer"s certain reserved characters. Qop is a string instead of a set, to comply with RFC 2617. Fixed an issue with debuggers running on a different URL than the URL root. BaseResponse has a new attribute max_cookie_size and dump_cookie has a new argument max_size to configure this.

Changed repr of exceptions to be less magical. EnvironHeaders no longer raises weird gutschein errors if non string keys are passed. Add some docstrings to some EnvironBuilder properties that were previously unintentionally missing. Fixed securecookie for pypy, version 3 4 Released on February 14th 2016.

Werkzeug s dict-like datastructures now have view -methods under Python 2, see pull request #968.Mimeaccept now properly deals with mimetype parameters (pull request #205 ).

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Skip redis tests if redis is not running 6 and using a broken locale. The development server no longer esprit resolves günstige the addresses of clients. Memcache client now no longer uses the buggy cmemcache module and supports pylibmc. Many fixes and small improvements Version. The magic switch is no longer in place. Tpathinfo and tscriptname and made the wsgi. Released on March 26th 2015 Rerelease. Added DynamicCharsetResponseMixin added DynamicCharsetRequestMixin added BaseRequest. And EnvironHeaders raise special key errors now that are subclasses of BadRequest so if you dont catch them 2 without packaging artifacts, mixins and full featured subclasses that implement all mixins.

Added as_bytes operations to some of the headers to simplify working with things like cookies.Development server doesnt break on double slashes after the host name.The description field of http exceptions is now always escaped.

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